Rumor Has It That Alabama's Raekwon Davis Cheddar Bobbed Himself

On Sunday morning, news came out that Alabama DT Raekwon Davis was in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound in his right leg. Not much information came out about the situation that led to Davis’ injury.

Sports Illustrated-Investigators would not confirm Davis was the victim according to the Tuscaloosa News, but they did say the victim was hit by a stray bullet and was hospitalized for a minor leg injury. The Tuscaloosa News confirmed it was Davis who was shot.

“The victim told investigators he was standing outside of Bar 17 when he heard several gunshots and realized he had been shot in the right leg,” Capt. Gary Hood told the Tuscaloosa News. “The victim was uncooperative with investigators.”

Being uncooperative raised a few eyebrows and rumors started to swirl throughout Tuscaloosa that the story Davis told investigators may have been a bit fabricated:

ABC 33/40-The owner of Bar 17 believes she knows how Davis got shot.

Dionne Murrell, who bought Bar 17 this year, said 300 people showed up to her establishment Saturday night to watch a fight on the bar’s television screens.

18 security guards looked on.

The crowd left and Murrell closed up shop one hour early at 1 a.m. That’s when she spotted police in the empty parking lot.

“Is everything okay?,” Murrell said she asked police. “He said yeah we just got a call about a random shooting. So I started looking around and was thinking since nobody is here it couldn’t have happened here.”

Investigators found shell casings but the victim did not cooperate with investigators. Murrell believes there’s more to the story.

“That’s the rumor going around that he shot himself. That he was shooting in the air and he shot himself,” Bar 17’s owner told ABC 33/40 News.

A lot of speculation going on here from a bar owner wearing a BeBe hat, but even if it’s only rumors, no one wants their name to be associated with Plaxico Burress and Cheddar Bob.

Not really sure how shooting a gun up in the air can result in shooting yourself in the leg. That seems like quite the accomplishment. I guess you could be proud of that.

According to Murrell, police have not contacted her about the investigation.

“It didn’t happen here. If it happened here I think there should be a trail of blood somewhere. EMS should’ve been called, or I should’ve been notified,” she added.

Seems like Murrell forgot that she was dealing with an Alabama football player and the Tuscaloosa police. I truly wonder if the Tuscaloosa police department has a special code they use over their radio when an Alabama football player is involved, “Yeah, we’ve got a 10-4214 down at Bar 17.”

P.S. Yes, I did use the digits 4214 because of the 2012 national championship when Alabama beat Notre Dame 42-14. 

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