This Is The Best Sports Illustrated Cover Of All Time.


I don’t want to exaggerate but I literally cummed myself straight to the moon when I saw this cover.    The Pats still get me hard after all these years.  They really do.  Like I’m just as excited for parade #6 as I was for parade #1.   Winning superbowls just never gets old.  And SI is right.  There is NOTHING that can stop this dynasty.  Like yeah it sucks that Julien Edelman got hurt.  I feel awful for him.  But I feel bad because he’s a great dude not because I’m worried about our chances.  As long as Belichick is on the sidelines the Pats are the team to beat.   We are going to win the Superbowl again and there is nothing anybody can do to stop it.  God it’s great to be a Gangsta.