Let's All Point And Laugh And Revel In This Soccer Goalie's Misery

It’s basic human nature to find joy in other people’s misery. It’s the same reason why you’ll laugh every time somebody who isn’t you gets hit in the nuts. Even when you know you shouldn’t laugh, you do anyway. That doesn’t make you a bad person, it just makes you human. And that’s the kind of shit that gets me going. Watching this goalie lay there on the “pitch” reassessing every single life decision he’s ever made had me feeling like I just won the lottery. I mean, just look at this putz.

Lying there in total devastation. Practically giving up on life after that moment. Buddy gets all sorts of cocky after pulling off that move, forgets he’s a goalie for a minute and cements himself into the Jimbo Hall of Fame. That’s the kind of shit that keeps you up at night for the rest of your life. That moment when you’re trying to fall asleep but your brain keeps racing, filling you with anxiety from every single fuck up in your life. The kind of shame that amplifies your Sunday hangovers ten fold. It’s all quite satisfying.