Trump Eliminates Longtime Aide After Crowd Wasn't Big Enough At Arizona Rally Organized By Said Aide

SourcePresident Donald Trump fumed about the crowd size at his bombastic speech in Arizona last week and reportedly took out his anger on one of his most prominent longtime aides.

Bloomberg reported that the president became displeased by the relatively sparse attendance at his event in Arizona after seeing some shots on television that showed empty space at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Trump, who famously obsessed with crowd sizes during the 2016 presidential campaign and boasted that the crowds were a predictor of his overall popularity, blamed the poor attendance on his longtime aide George Gigicos, who organized the event as a contractor for the Republican National Committee.

According to Bloomberg, Trump dispatched his personal bodyguard Keith Schiller to tell Gigicos that he was barred from organizing future rallies for the president.

If you fuck up delivering on crowd size for Trump at this point you deserve to be fired. Banned. Barred from anything remotely tied to managing Trump rallies. I mean the guy started out his presidency by dying on the hill that his Inauguration crowd was bigger than Obama’s when it wasn’t. No joke basically everybody tied to Trump at that time has been fired. If you’re putting on a Trump rally you better be willing to turn the world upside down to fill that room. Kidnap people if you must. Head down to the border, lure in thousands of Mexicans and stuff them into that room if you must. Empty the jails. Order the army. Buy mannequins or sex dolls and dress ‘em up in MAGA hats. Do something, anything, whatever it takes to stuff that room full like a Chris Christie at the Golden Corral.

This should be you manning the doors.

Force those motherfuckers in there. The minute you accept empty space is the minute you are dead to Donald Trump. The moment there is not a human where there could be a human in that room you’ve booked yourself a one-on-one with Donnie’s muscle. That one-on-one will never go well, nor do you deserve for it to.

I have uncovered exclusive footage of Trump managing his rally organizers.

Tough but predictable. Fill the damn room.