The Eagles Dish LS Jon Dorenbos Late In The Preseason, And It's A Fine Move

PFT – The Eagles just made an 11-year member of the team disappear. Long snapper Jon Dorenbos has been traded to the Saints for a seventh-round draft pick in 2019. The Eagles announced the move moments ago. Dorenbos arrived in Philly 11 years ago. Before that, he snapped for the Titans for two years and the Bills for two years. “Jon is one of the most inspiring people I have ever known,” owner Jeffrey Lurie said in a statement. “He gave everything that he had to this organization for more than a decade, but his legacy in Philadelphia goes far beyond his performance on the field, his Pro Bowl selections or the consecutive games streak. His true impact is measured by the number of people in this city that he connected with, the lives he has been able to change and the courage he displays every day after battling such tremendous adversity as a child. Jon’s enthusiasm and positive outlook are contagious; he’s one of the most genuine, caring people you could ever meet. I speak on behalf of the entire organization when I say we are incredibly proud to have called him an Eagle and our doors are always open to him in the future.” Executive V.P. of football operations Howie Roseman called the move “one of the most difficult decisions we have had to make as an organization.” “We have the utmost respect for his consistency and his relentless commitment to winning over the last 11 seasons,” Roseman said. “We all remember adding him to the team in 2006 and winning six straight games to win the division and a playoff game. He is a genuine class act who has positively influenced the lives of so many through his community work and his motivational speaking.” An accomplished magician, Dorenbos finished third in last year’s America’s Got Talent on NBC. He learned magic as a way to cope with the aftermath of his father killing his mother when Dorenbos was only 12. Though not nearly as popular as other long-time Eagles like Brian Dawkins, fans may have a negative reaction to the news that Dorenbos is gone.

OK. Is it an odd move? Sure. But keep in mind this is a business.
This is also a freaking 37-year-old long snapper coming off a bad wrist injury in which the Birds received a 7th round pick and saved around $800K (Dorenbos was due a cool $1 mill, not a bad fucking gig). They received some value for a player who wasn’t gonna be around here much longer.

Still, it can be argued if there was actually a logical reason to trade the Eagles longest tenured player who could also be (sadly) argued was face of the franchise? He’s been here 11 years, never made mistakes, and was revered by the media, his teammates, and fans alike. Seriously, can you recall one muffed snap by Dorenbos? I’m sure there were high or low ones that could’ve used improvement, but I don’t remember a single shot to the moon over the punter’s/holder’s or a snap that McNabb’d up to the player’s feet. Not to mention the Eagles extended Dorenbos last November through 2018 (even though he broke his shit shortly after for his first major injury as an Eagle). It’s just…odd. Unless of course Dorenbos wasn’t a lock to make the team, anyways. Regardless, hell hath no fury like Howie Roseman in the offseason.

And how great is it the owner and GM described this move as one of the most difficult they’ve ever had to make? It’s a fucking long snapper. It’s a business. And the Eagles are sending Dorenbos off with more well wishes than they did when they told Brian Dawkins to essentially not let the door dick tap him on the way out. Look at this shit:

PS – Heaven help Rick Lovato if/when he sails or digs a snap early in the season after 11 seemingly perfect years from Dorenbos. There will be no mercy.