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Petty As Hell Jim Harbaugh Releases "2017 Roster" Consisting Of No Current Michigan Players And Decides To Not Name Starting QB Because Florida Won't Release Theirs

Last week, we looked at Jim Harbaugh’s battle with a random capital J over at using a FOIA to view Michigan’s 2017 roster. It was the first act of what I believe to be Harbaugh’s newest stage as a college football coach: being petty as hell. That stage continued on Monday as he and Michigan “released” a “2017 roster” of the Michigan Wolverines:

Got to love including Denard “Shoelace” Robinson, the running back, on that roster (does he still not tie his shoes?) even though he isn’t on a squad this year.

After the press FINALLY received a roster from Michigan, Harbaugh showed up to his press conference….in cleats:

That’s right folks….it’s GAME WEEK. I wouldn’t expect anything else from the man. I should honestly have cleats on as I blog this.

Before cleat-bound Harbaugh hit the podium, Jim McElwain decided to give Harbaugh a little bulletin board material:

Those are some fighting words! It’s weird that McElwain “wouldn’t have done” anything similar to Harbaugh to promote his football program, but he would spend the off-season humping a shark. Really makes you think where McElwain’s commitment is.

Just like, McElwain forgot that battling with Harbaugh through the press results in one way, and one way only: a win for Harbaugh.

Land Of 10-“Have not heard Florida announce who their starting QB would be. We’d love to have that information. No, we’re not announcing our starting quarterback,” Harbaugh said. “People make a lot of big deal about our roster … I haven’t seen a starting QB come out of Fla. Never any mention of that.”

I know he was a fan of Obama, but jeez is this a Trumpian quote from Harbaugh….”Have not heard the media announce who the alt-left is. I’d love to see that information…..People make a lot of big deal about my supporters….I haven’t seen any news about the violence by the alt-left. Never any mention of that.” Did Donald Trump say this or did I just replace a few words of a Jim Harbaugh quote?

I love the move of not releasing the starting QB. You can tell Coach Harbaugh grew up with siblings because this wreaks of an “if John can stay up and watch the game, why can’t I?” little brother move by Jim.

Harbaugh, the college football coach, is similar to a great WWE wrestler. As he grows in his second stop in big time college football, his personality is ever-changing and it’s entertaining as hell to follow/laugh along with. We all head into the first games of the season this week and I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t be happier Jim Harbaugh is a part of it…..even if he takes spider webs as good omens:

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