Is Booty A Potty Word? Teachers Across The Country Are Embracing Debate


Today is the first day of school here in San Antonio and my youngest is starting pre-k. If you’ve listened to Podfathers or follow me on twitter, you know that my kid can be prone to some “bad” words. I don’t give a shit about that. Cursing is a social construct that people use to waive morality over other people’s head. I understand that most parents don’t let their kids say “shit” when they drop something. I just don’t care if mine do.

I dont let my kids run around saying words that I wont even say on the blog, like pussy. I don’t let my kids say pussy because I’ll never write that in a blog so they can’t say it. Simple.

But are we really gonna draw the line at booty? Booty is considered a potty word? So kids can’t say ass, anus, butts and now booty is on the list too? Fuck that. Are they supposed to call their butts their bottoms like some little pussies? I hope not. People need to grow the fuck up about the language that kids use. You tell my kid she can’t say booty and you just might end up getting told to go fuck yourself by both of us.

Result of blog: Kids saying booty is actually not bad!

And to answer the question before it even comes up, I’m against the new trend of calling vaginal gas release “parting.” I get that it’s a combo of pussy and farting but I find it unnerving. Parting is a potty word. There’s no doubt about that. “She parted.” That’s nasty, folks. I’m a queef man and always will be.

h/t brian