ISIS Suicide Bomber Abandons His Car And Runs Like A Coward; Good Guys Blow Up The Car

Daily Mail- A suicide bomber was captured on video abandoning his mission and running away in fear after coming under fire from troops in Iraq. 

The clip, thought to have been shot near Mosul, shows brutal gun battles near a settlement of buildings before an ISIS suicide vehicle appears. 

As it nears the buildings, understood to be the intended target, the Iraqi troops fire relentlessly at it to disable it and the driver can be seen leaping from the vehicle and sprinting to safety. 

When the would-be suicide bomber ditches his mission, it appears the troops turn their attention to the explosives inside the vehicle. 

They fire a rocket launcher which results in a massive blast, which is thought to be the vehicle exploding. 

He says: ‘Dear viewers, this is the bravery of our children are stopping the explosive cars before they can come close to our forces.

‘The ISIS members are running away from the cars out of fear.

Pro-government fighters could already be seen celebrating, waving Iraqi flags and flashing victory signs as their tanks rolled through the streets.

What a thrilling video. Also, what a shit show. Makes you appreciate the efficiency and professionalism of our armed forces. Without a doubt, I’m thrilled that the Iraqi forces standing up to ISIS seem to be succeeding. But, uh, act like you’ve been there before guys? They’re ooh-ing and aah-ing at explosions like they’re watching a damn fireworks show. Shouting out random shit left and right, giving P.R. speeches in the middle of a firefight. Maybe wait until things settle down and you’ve recaptured the land before you unfurl that flag. These guys were just firing their guns off into the distance willy-nilly. Order!

Not to take anything away from the Iraqi forces’ accomplishment, but I’m a little suspicious that their RPG blew up that truck. Seemed like some nifty (read: terrible) video editing was used to make it look that way. Just a few opportune jump cuts, from RPG to explosion, and those with a poorly-tuned cinematic eye might be fooled. Not me though. I spend hours on youtube looking up editing mistakes in movies, like when one of the Lord of the Rings editors accidentally left a shot of an 18-wheel truck driving down the highway in the distance of middle earth. Whoops! Either way, that stupid truck blew up in the middle of the desert and not at its intended target, so it’s a victory for the good guys. Even film buffs like me.

Lastly, watching that cowardly ISIS douche climb out the back of his truck like a bitch and run through the sand was pretty satisfying. You know who climbs out of the back of the car? The bitch. Exactly what you’d expect from ISIS. People with the courage of their convictions, with pride in their heart, exit vehicles through the side doors.