The Good News: Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff Teamed Up Again. The Bad News: It's On A Techno Rap Song Called "Get Lit".

Oh no.

Oh no no no.

PITCHFORKWill Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff performed at Livewire Festival in England last night, taking the stage at Tower Headland Arena to perform a slew of hits. They also performed a new song titled “Get Lit,” as NME points out. The new EDM track marks the first Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff collaboration since their 1998 song “Lovely Daze.”

For the love of God.

I heard there was a good news bad news situation in the music industry today.  Turns out a Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff reunion was in the works across the pond at some festival.  Unfortunately, the bad came in and instantly wiped out any remnants of the good: it’s an EDM rap song.   From a 48 year old and a 52 year old.

Called “Get Lit.”

Day ruined.

Desperately need palate cleanser: