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Tex Featured On ABC News, Currently Down In Texas Volunteering For Hurricane Harvey

LOWER EAST SIDE, Manhattan (WABC)Texans living in the Tri-State Area are worried about their loved ones there – including one New Yorker who is there visiting family.

New York City to Houston is 1,600 miles, but that long distance must feel insufferable for those with family in Texas, potentially in trouble.

23-year-old Dylan Stone, who lives on the Upper East Side flew down to Dallas Friday morning, got in a car, and started driving to see his father in Sinton, Texas. He got as far as San Antonio, then lost contact with his father all-day Saturday. It was the worst day of his life.

“I actually came to terms with…having to find my dad’s body,” Stone said.

Stone says he ‘cried a lot.’

“I’ve been crying since Friday,” he said.

Thankfully, his father survived. The two were finally reunited Sunday night in Sinton. The small town of Sinton survived the hurricane, but 30 miles away in Rockport there was pure devastation.

Thoughts are with Tex and everyone in Texas dealing with Hurricane Harvey right now, from everyone at HQ.  There’s the Barstool bubble we live in with humor and satire and exaggerated personas, then there’s real life.  Unfortunately it’s not until something as horrible as a natural disaster in someone’s hometown that we’re reminded of how clear the separation is.

Nothing made me happier than hearing about Tex reuniting with his dad.  But there are thousands who won’t be as lucky,  thousands who need help and supplies and entire cities that will need to be rebuilt, so if you have anything that you can spare text the word HARVEY to 90999.

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