The Price of a Rob Gronkowski Bluetooth Speaker is the Most Predictable Thing Ever

Gronk Ball

We certainly know how Brookstone arrived at this price. What we’ll never know is what the price point would’ve been if anyone’s name was on this thing besides Gronk. This might be a $49 speaker if say, Cam Newton was on the box. Or just as likely, it’s worth $89, but Gronk was willing to sacrifice his cut of the profits just to make it $69.

You might try to argue Gronk’s 69 bit is getting played out. Like some SNL recurring character that they keep trotting out there long after it stops getting laughs. But when America’s leading retailer of gimmicky consumer gadgets and unwanted gifts starts playing along? That’s how you keep a running gag fresh after all this time

Am I disappointed it’s not exactly $69.69? Damn right I am. The first rule of Being Rob Gronkowski: The chance to make a 69 joke is a terrible thing to waste.