Kobe's Handing Out Twitter Challenges To Remind Players They'll Never Be As Good As Him

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Source -  Former Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant has been handing out challenges to current NBA players as a means to sell shoes. It’s weird, it’s smart, and it is really something to behold.

Meanwhile, Bryant has issued his latest challenge. This one is for Washington Wizards star point guard John Wall.

That challenge? Make the NBA’s First Team All-Defense.

Wall is an athletic, long guard who led the NBA in steals with 157 and all point guards in blocks with 49. He certainly has the physical tools to be able to do that, but it will be hard to get past mainstays that have been on the all-defensive teams for years.

Can someone sign Kobe? I feel like this is a cry to sell shoes for help. He doesn’t have to play just make him feel involved. Run practices or something. Actually fuck it, let him play. He’d be good for like 10, 5 and 3. Just don’t leave him on the court too long unless you want Ice-Kobe.

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The only reason he’s tossing out challenges is to remind people they’ll never be as good as him. Every award he’s asking for he’s earned. Except maybe the Compton Youth. Even then I wouldn’t be surprised if he started hanging around Compton just to one up DeMar.

He’s essentially been radio silent since he got called chubby a few weeks ago. Said he needed thirty days to get in the best shape of his life which we know he’s been doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if he announced a comeback just to spite the fat-shamers. I’m sure the warriors would take him. Not only that, he needs a sixth ring and a comeback if he’s going to become Michael.

I’m a Boston guy so I should hate it but I don’t. The more Mamba the better. Knowing how much enjoyment he gets is the best part. He’s competing without the competition. Putting players up against his past achievements. Best part is no one will be able to win.