A TV Reporter Helped Rescue A Truck Driver Stuck In The Hurricane Harvey Flood Live On Air

TELEGRAPHThis is the moment a television news crew helped rescue a truck driver stuck in his cab with flood waters rising all around him on the road outside Houston.

He was spotted by a cameraman and reporter covering floods caused by Hurricane Harvey for KHOU 11 News.

In one video, Brandi Smith flags down two sheriff’s deputies driving past with a rescue boat.

…The officers haul the driver through the passenger window as an emotional Ms Smith lets out a sigh of relief: “I finally feel like I can breathe.”

Eventually the driver, identified only as Robert, is back on dry land.

“I just thank God that you guys were right here to get me and put me back on land safely,” he says.

Shout out to Brandi Smith from KHOU 11 News who, from everything we saw in those videos, just saved that man’s life.  The rescue crew wasn’t heading for him.  They didn’t even know he was there.   If it wasn’t for Brandi running them down and pointing him out who knows how long he had left.   Hero.

Meanwhile, how not to report the news in the middle of a natural disaster:

What’s going on in Texas right now is terrifying and tragic.  Please help out and give anything you can spare.