Awesome Fight - Floyd Wins Via 10th Round TKO

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 12.56.09 AM

What an awesome fight. For sure lived up to the hype. Conor came hard at him in the first 3 rounds, trying to get after him, and Floyd did his standard defensive style. It wore Conor out, and he just ran out of gas. Dude was completely winded, leading to the ref stopping the fight in the 10th round before Conor’s head flew off his shoulders.

For his first EVER boxing fight, against the now 50-0 man, Conor showed up BIG. Showed up much better than I think everyone expected. He just didn’t have the experience, couldn’t land that one punch, and ran out of gas. It was awesome to see him stand his ground and he looked like he belonged.

Floyd just announced this was his last ever fight….so we’ll see if we see the sequel in a year. Regardless, Conor was awesome. Excited to see what happens next.