My Final Thoughts On Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor, The Biggest Fight In Combat Sports History

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Baby we did it! The biggest fight in combat sports history is finally upon us. In just a few hours the greatest defensive boxer of all time, Floyd Mayweather, will come out of retirement with a record of 49 wins and 0 losses to be challenged by a mixed martial artist who has never had a single professional boxing bout. He’s not just any mixed martial artist, however…he’s Conor McGregor, the first and only simultaneous two weight World Champion in the UFC, and the current UFC Lightweight Champion. We know all of this already, as we’ve been on the hype train for months, but as this train pulls into the station, I wanted to answer some questions and give my final thoughts of the fight.

Do I think it’ll live up to the hype? No, definitely not. It’s been many years since a Floyd Mayweather fight has been fun to watch. He’s a masterful defensive boxer and he’s reached such a level where he’s so good that he’s boring to watch. He doesn’t quite have knockout power anymore due to brittle old hands, so he outscores his opponents for 12 rounds and collects a paycheck.

Do I think Conor has a chance? Yeah. I really do. It’s a 1, maaaaaybe 2 percent chance, but the chance does exist. He will hit Floyd in this fight. To say otherwise is ludicrous to me. He’s one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world, and just because he’s stepping into a different discipline with one of the greatest of all time, that doesn’t change. The best comparison I’ve heard for what McGregor is doing here is this: he’s the best triathlete in the world, and he’s running a marathon against the greatest marathon runner in the world. Saying Conor won’t hit Floyd is like saying the triathlete would never be able to run alongside the marathon runner. It could happen, and if it’s gonna happen, it’ll be early on.

The best shot McGregor has at winning is fighting. If he tries to stand toe to toe and technically box Mayweather, he will be in big trouble. Knockout trouble. McGregor needs to fight dirty, use his size and get physical, and take two of every foul he possibly can. “Cheat within the rules” was said by Pat Miletich, and couldn’t be any more accurate.

Do I think Conor McGregor will actually win? Unfortunately, my answer is no. My official prediction which has stayed the exact same through this whole journey is Floyd Mayweather winning via decision. I am rooting for him harder than I’ve ever rooted for anyone though, as he’s my favorite active fighter in the world, representing the sport I love, and advocating the words “Why not?” more than anyone in human history.

I’ve been hit with the “Why?” question more about this fight than any other sporting event in my lifetime. Why are they doing it? Why are you buying into the hype? Why are you helping promote it? Why are you going? Why are you stupid enough to think Conor has a shot? Why don’t you just acknowledge Mayweather’s gonna win and stop rooting for McGregor?

…because it’s been fun. All of it. The build to this fight has provided me moments and memories that will last a lifetime. From shit as simple as watching the press conferences with the whole office, to watching the (horrible) Brooklyn one from beside the stage as a member of the media, to getting into a fucking fight with Floyd Mayweather’s dad on Radio Row, it’s been fun. Mixed martial arts is generally my little niche sport to cover. It’s not football, it’s not baseball, it’s not something I can go into the office and talk to the guys about on Monday morning. This fight changed that. Everyone, and I mean everyone wants to talk about this fight, and they want to talk about Conor McGregor, my favorite athlete in the game. I’ve been provided this massive outlet to talk to you guys about it, and I really hope my passion for the fight game has shone through enough to have even one person who wasn’t interested in it before Mayweather/McGregor stick around and join me as a fan of the sport. This would all be a success for me if so. Now, one the count of tree…I want you to look down at your phone or computer or wherever you’re reading this, and I want you to scream “FUCK THE MAYWEATHERS!”