If Julian Edelman Is Done For The Season Then I Feel Terrible For Him

Figured Barstool Sports should probably mention this whole “Julian Edelman probably tore his ACL” thing. That video is brutal to watch. It sucks. When you know a guy like Edelman, and I feel like we all feel like that, it’s the last thing you want to see because in your gut you know how much something like this crushes him. From his bromance with Brady to that Super Bowl 49 clip where Kam Chancellor almost takes his head off and he responds “”HAHAHA I fuckin’ love getting hit!” you know the only place in the world he wants to be is the football field.

It’s gonna suck. The Patriots will be OK, they’ve got no shortage of weapons, but it’s gonna suck. Edelman is Brady’s binky and his go-to whenever he feels like he’s in trouble. You’ll run out of breath listing the guys Brady still has but there’s no replacing a guy like Julian Edelman, no matter how many times you say “next man up.”