Barstool Behind The Scenes - Mayweather/McGregor Fight Week Day 3

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Soooooo…I had myself a day yesterday.

It all began with Barstool Radio, as all of these days have. I showed up to the media tent in the makeshift Conor McGregor Brookyln Presser outfit I’ve worn in the past, getting very disappointed looks from half of the Big J journos, and getting thumbs ups from everyone else.

Hell of a lineup. I remember taking this picture, looking up and down at the cast of characters and what I was wearing, and thinking, “This is the weirdest picture we’ll take all trip”. If only I knew the thumbnail/above picture would come not even two hours later. We talked about Mayweather/McGregor, who Rappaport actually knows, Rappaport never having any clue who I am no matter how many times I meet him, and much, much, more. It was going really well and was, in my opinion, the best show we did all week after an hour.

Ariel Helwani even joined us and talked Knicks basketball for a bit!

Dave pretty much instantly decided he was taking Rappaport instead of me (as I thought he would), and I’ll admit, even though I’m just happy to be here, that did give me a little chip on my shoulder. Here’s where the show went off the rails.

I’ve been saying all week that if I ran into Floyd Mayweather Sr, I’d talk that shit. In my first behind the scenes blog of the week I even recapped my first attempt to do this…

I walked in with Floyd Mayweather Sr., actually, and tried to get a quick video of me talking some shit to him, but I got bodied by The Money Team.

When I was grabbing a bagel and a Coke during one of our breaks, I looked over at our table, and Senior was sitting down, I dropped the food/drink like I was in a fucking John Hughes movie and started running over. How did nobody tell me we got Floyd’s fucking dad on the show?! When I got to the table, I realized very quickly that I couldn’t grab anyone’s headset. It was Dave, Michael Rappaport, PFT Commenter, and Big Cat. I can’t boot any of them off the mic. So I decided I’d let them decide who was giving up a microphone by just talking shit without a headset on. The exchange went something like this…


Big Cat: “We all think you son’s gonna kill him”

Me, in the background: “I don’t!”

Me, with a newly found headset:

And so it began…



Full segments:


I’m not sure what there is to say about this segment, other than the fact that it stole the week at Radio Row, has hundreds of thousands of views across multiple platforms and outlets, and generated my favorite headline in history on the Sherdog Forums…

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 4.55.21 PM

It me, Scrawny MMA Nerd Boy.

Seeing the MMA Media (who has no idea who I am) react to this as if it were actually me and not the character I play of a stereotypical MMA hardo was one of my favorite things ever. They said I was disgracing the sport of mixed martial arts. Crying face emojis yo. My other favorite thing which was lost in the shuffle was that Ice Cube was there the whole time! How is that going unnoticed?!

Oh yeah. I had a Kobe/Barnes level no flinch when Floyd Mayweather’s pops tried to intimidate me. That’s how. For all the people asking how I didn’t flinch, it was honestly just because I thought in my brain, what’s the worst case scenario here? He punches me in the face, I have a broken nose/jaw, and wake up a millionaire tomorrow? Alright, not so bad. When that situation diffused I went on a few radio stations to talk about it, and then the squad split ways. They went to a pool party and I went to the weigh ins, which were fucking MAD!


Conor and Floyd both looked in great physical shape, although McGregor would beg to differ about Floyd, saying “he looks like dogshit” on stage. After they were over, the Irish just refused to leave, so I joined ‘em.


I dropped these two videos yesterday, as well, in case you missed them:

And that wrapped up the week as far as video and radio content was concerned. I went to a nice dinner with my aunt and uncle, who are out here for the fight, and went to sleep. Now, here we are, on Saturday, August 26th. The biggest fight in combat sports history will go down in just a few more hours. As of right now, I’m not sure if I’ll be there, but regardless, it’s been a fantastic week full of memories I’ll never forget. Who else can say they had to be separated from Floyd Mayweather’s dad while Ice Cube made fun of their Star Wars pajama pants?