Bron Bron Is the Most Passive Aggressive Little Baby Who Ever Lived



So Lebron went on a crybaby twitter rant yesterday.  Just crying about how fans burn jerseys now.   Pretending that he cared about other players and shit.   Listen it’s obviously insane somebody burned an Isiah Thomas shirt, but it’s equally insane that Bron Bron tried to pretend he gives a shit about anybody but himself.   Like everybody with a brain knows Celtics fans love Isiah and will always love him.   This was just an excuse for Lebron to talk about how he is still butthurt that Cavs fans burned his jersey when he left Cleveland and Heat fans burned his jersey when he left Miami.  That’s right Bron Bron is the only player in NBA history who has had his shit burned not once but twice!   And they’ll probably burn it again when he leaves Cleveland for a 2nd time.   Now he is just crying about how unfair it is.   SHUT THE FUCK UP!   Or at least be a man and say that you got your feelings hurt.  Don’t pretend you care about anybody but yourself.   You made your bed now sleep in it you coward!