ESPN Is Trying To Ruin Alabama/FSU For Us With Taylor Swift's New Single

Not sure if you heard, but Taylor Swift released a new song last night and it turned out to be actually bad. For some reason, ESPN decided that Taylor’s new song would be a great way to hype up the fans a bit more for Alabama/FSU:

They were wrong:


I won’t bore you with my Taylor Swift take, but I will say it was beautiful seeing Twitter come together. In a time where social media is so divided, it was amazing to see us uniting for a common cause: shitting on Taylor Swift. It didn’t matter if you were black or white, Catholic or Jewish, you were fighting the good fight last night and one of those battles was against ESPN letting them know they will NOT take Alabama/FSU from us.

I am a bit nervous, though. Is “Look What You Made Me Do” ESPN’s new theme song for the 2017 CFB season?? Am I going to have to hear this song over highlight packages throughout the season?? Oh, please, god no, I don’t want to have to equate this song to the biggest games of the season like I do “Centuries” for the 2015 season.

ESPN, take announcers with similar names to Confederate war generals off of your broadcasts all you want, but for the love of the CFB gods please don’t continue to use this song.


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P.S. Yesterday, I, unfortunately, wrote that Michael Jordan is a Michigan alum in my Rovell blog. As The Mooch (miss ya, bud) once said, “mistakes were made.” I hope to all those who were offended by such remarks will accept this statement from the bottom of my heart and that I will strive to not make the same mistake again.