Nick V And Vanessa Are Calling It Quits LOL

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Least. Shocking. News. Ever. These two stink and part of me was wishing they would spend the rest of their miserable lives together. But in reality everyone knew they were destined for disaster. It lasted longer than I thought it would if we’re being honest. I thought they were going to never be seen together again after the season finale. People forget that Vanessa was one of the more liked girls on her season until we all found out she was an actress and wasn’t there for the right reasons. Shake my head. They then became the most hated couple ever (pre-Rachel and Bryan). And today they officially called it quits. Sad but not really at all.

People also forget that Nick V was in a steady relationship with Jen S. on Bachelor In Paradise which he threw away so he could become The Bachelor and be on TV some more

This is Jen S. She is a SMOKE BOMB

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AND THEN when he was The Bachelor he passed up on everyone’s favorite lipstick-eating Russian orphan Kristina who is, by all accounts, the hottest girl in the world and I’m not even kidding

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Just an all around failure on Nick’s part. He is now 55 years old, has been on 450 Bachelor programs and has zero to show for it. Good grief.