The Yankees Needed A Fight More Than A Win

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(Please note that Romine took his mask off and Jason Varitek is still a bitch)

Was yesterday’s 3 benches clearing brawls good for baseball? No. Is it good that both or our catchers are likely to be suspend while one of them is the hottest hitter on the planet? Of course not. But, was this fight good for the Yankees? I think so.

Thanks to injuries and Scranton being so close to the Bronx, the Yankees have had 50 players appear on the major league roster this year. The Scranton shuttle is very real and with players going back an forth due to unforeseen injuries or just a lack of production, it’s tough for this team to find an identity. During the 1st half of the season, this was a young team with some veteran presence that was shocking the league, but knew who they were. The 2nd half has been very different in terms of results and the numbers on the field. So now knowing that they all have each other’s backs, this team can deal with whatever suspensions are coming and the returns of Castro tonight and Bird soon, to get ready to make a run.

After the game Todd Frazier said “I think honestly it brought us together, even closer. Especially me and the guys that just got to the team, you see guys coming together and you don’t want to see it during a brawl but those things kind of kick start a team.” He went on to say that losing the game isn’t what you want, which is true, but our guys knowing that they have each other’s backs while the Tigers are fighting in their own dugout is the difference between a good team and a bad team.

I would expect Romine to get 1-2 games for defending himself and Sanchez to get somewhere in the 5 game area for throwing punches. If Romine only gets one, it’s likely he just takes it and Sanchez appeals so that at least one of them is available at all times. I don’t see Betances getting suspended because I honestly think that ball just got away from him and putting a guy on in a tie game is just stupid.

We’ve got 2 first place teams, a team in Wild Card contention and some ugly jerseys coming to the stadium so this is a big week and a huge time to step up to gain some ground in the division while growing out Wild Card lead.

I love my guys and it’s good to see they love each other.