How About This 50-Yard Wonder Goal From Gylfi Sigurdsson?

It takes a lot for me to blog about sports (which is ironic given that sports are like my 8 best sports), so you know this was something special. That was out-RAGEOUS. 10 seconds into the second half, Icelandic striker Gylfi Sigurdsson decides to go full-viking from 50 yards out. Sure, it’s the Europa league, which nobody really cares about (it’s like the consolation tournament for teams that just missed the Champions League. The one good prize is that the winner automatically qualifies for the Champions League next year). But that doesn’t take anything away from this  audacious effort from the former Swansea midfielder. The ball takes a deflection and pops up to a nice height, but I don’t see how he ever took a look at the goal in that instant. He must have just sensed the goalie was out and that nobody on earth would expect someone to shoot in that moment. Fantastic volley from 50 yards out. The beautiful game indeed. Shame on Big Cat and the higher-ups at Swansea for letting this long-range threat out of their clubhouse. Or something.

And that’s talking soccer!