Due To An Incoming Hurricane In My Area, I Will Not Be Posting Any Blogs Today

12 feet of storm surge in some places? Not good!


I’m a few hours drive from Houston and Corpus, where the brunt of the storm will be, but we are expecting massive amounts of rain with tropical storm like conditions. San Antonio is pretty bad about flooding anyway so this weekend is sure to be a fucking nightmare. Lots of the stores are already out of canned foods and bottled water. We got bread, though. Sandwiches? Oh fuck yes.

Yesterday I went and made sure that my wall of supplies was good for the storm.


We got wine and shit too so don’t worry about that.

I think that living in Florida for so long has really jaded me on how bad these storms can be. I will forever enjoy watching the weather folks in their Super Bowl. They are just so damn adorable when they start talking about widespread destruction.


Overall my biggest concern is about my cable. What if my satellite is down during the Game of Thrones finale? Will people spoil it for me? I sure hope not. That would be extremely ugly.

I feel bad for you guys, though. I apologize already for not writing any blogs today while I prepare for the storm. Thanks for understanding.