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The Falcons Have The Worst Poster In History Hanging In Their New Stadium

Heavens to Betsy this is a tough look for the Falcons here. It’s one thing to get the shit beaten out of you in a fight and sheepishly say, “Yeah but I got a few good shots in,” but it’s a totally different thing to hang a “Yeah but I got a few shots in” banner. That’s exactly what this is. It’s an attempt to make yourself look good, at least respectable, after falling victim to the greatest comeback in sports history. It’s as pathetic a thing I’ve ever seen, and I once saw the Indianapolis Colts hang a banner that said “AFC Finalist” after they got spanked by the Patriots in the AFC title game. But that’s what the Patriots do, they beat the snot out of you and leave you blubbering, trying to explain to yourself what happened, as you attempt to spin the unspinabble.

Personally, I’m happy with the banners that we get to hang out of that game. There’s a Super Bowl Champions one coming and this old thing… they’re no “tied a Super Bowl record with 3 sacks” banner, but at least they’re something.