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Steven Soderbergh Says "Film Making Is Like Sex. If I Accidentally Give Someone Else Pleasure, That's Fine."

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Soderbergh you dog! Talk to ‘em!

This is a real “Stars, they’re just like us!” moment for me. Because this is exactly how I view everything in my life, I just assumed celebrities were different. I assumed that ever since they were little kids they crazed attention and praise and admiration. But not Soderbergh, apparently. He’s just a regular dude who’s doing shit for himself and if you don’t like it then fuck off, that’ your problem.

Like I said, it’s the way I view things but I always thought that was a defense mechanism because I suck at most things. Team didn’t win? Well I had fun so whatever. You didn’t cum? Sounds like a you problem, I’ve got a mess to clean up. Don’t think my joke is funny? I’m in stitches and that’s all I care about. Looks like I was wrong, however. Looks like even the best of the best are solely concerned with pleasing themselves.

With the release of the new Taylor Swift song I realized how easy it must be for celebrities to lose their minds. She’s been marketing a product she’s worked on for three years and people are judging it in 30 seconds, which would turn me into a mental case, so of course all Hollywood types are crazy. But I guess not everyone cares. Not all of them have the same “getting off is your job” outlook that us common folk possess.

Either way, nice to know I’ve got the same outlook on life as Steven Soderbergh. Wanna enjoy it? Make yourself enjoy it. That’s what I did.