I Got Racially Profiled By The Money Team


You know what America needs right now with all the racial tension in this country?  More Dave Portnoys.   Guys who just break racial sterotypes.  Like even The Money Team couldn’t believe I was a Mayweather guy.  The dude almost passed out when he saw I was wearing a “Money” hat.  He thought I was too pretty and too white to root for Floyd.  That I had to be a Connor guy.  He couldn’t have been more wrong.  Listen I don’t root for guys based on skin color.  I root for who I root for.  And for this fight I’m all in on TMT.  Why?  Because I’m a boxing guy. I’m rooting for the sweet science.  If Floyd somehow loses this fight than boxing is officially dead.   I mean I don’t care how old Mayweather is you can’t have arguably the best boxer of alltime lose to a guy who has never boxed in his life.   That’s why I’m all in on Mayweather here.

The good news is I don’t think McGregor has a shot.    Like I’m talking it has a better chance of not getting dark tonight than McGregor winning this fight.   The odds should be 1000-1 not 5-1. The only question in my mind is how will this end.  Will it be a knockout, a TKO or a decision?  My best guess is that the ref stops it in the 5th or 6th round because McGregor is gassed and just eating non stop leather.  It’s going to be the biggest mistach in the history of professional boxing.  The only drama will be the entrances and looking at who is sitting ringside.   And if you don’t agree with that you are just an idiot and probably racist.