Chick Gets Hit By An SUV Twice And Still Beats The Shit Out Of The Driver Of The Car

Many people would watch that video and say the lesson to be learned is not to threaten somebody’s kids. There have been plenty of stories about everyday moms into a mama bears when they have to protect their cubs. But I am going to go one step further. If you hit a person twice with your car and they are still looking to throw down, simply turn around your motor vehicle and think of a Plan B that doesn’t include throwing fisticuffs with them. Because that plan is likely to go the way this video went, which was the redneck fight version of The Freeze spotting some shlub a 30 yard lead and blowing past him by the 40 yard mark.

Also, I’m not sure what my sneaky favorite part of this video is:

A. The random pedestrian going from “KNOCK IT OFF” to “Oh my God” after she learned black shorts got hit by a car


B. The driver thinking she wouldn’t get arrested despite ramming her car into a human twice while being filmed simply because she is leaking blood out of her nose.

My answer? C. The camerman keeping a steady hand despite almost getting hit by a car and watching a bloodbath unfold in front of his face. Nerves of steel like you read about, even if recording in portrait mode is as rookie as it gets.