Great Excerpt About Jonathan Toews In John Scott's New Book

John Scott, Patrick Kane

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Shout out to the good nerds over at reddit hockey for uncovering and posting this nugget from John Scott’s new book “A Guy Like Me: Fighting To Make The Cut”. Last week was Jonathan Toews Appreciation Week on Barstool Chicago, but I wanted to save this post until today so it would get more eye balls.

This is the type of thing that makes Jonathan Toews a franchise player. True leadership is a rare commodity in the world, and certainly in hockey. It’s why we romanticize and idolize fictional characters like Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. Snow is a type of meta hero/leader. He tries to do the right thing and he tells the truth. Stories of Toews from current and former teammates continue to paint Toews in the same way. Whether it’s Scott Darling or Carcillo or Brian Campbell

toews campbell

Toews’s leadership is respected and valued by his peers. Toews leads by example with his energy and discipline on the ice. He leads with his work ethic off the ice. And, according to this excerpt from John Scott, he leads with an emotional intelligence in the locker room. The players always say the Joel Quenneville very rarely rips the team, bag skates them, and he doesn’t even really spend that much time in the locker room at all. Maybe that’s just in Coach Q’s nature, or maybe it’s because he knows the room belongs to Toews and it’s in great hands.

How does that leadership translate into wins? I don’t fucking know. Nobody knows, but it does. And when you say this player is better than Toews or that player is better than Toews, that’s fine. There are lots of guys with more on-ice skill that Jonathan Toews. There are very few who are more valuable. Leadership is skill and Toews’s ability to get more out of his teammates than most isn’t able to properly quantified.

I’m ready for hockey season. I can’t believe I’m in position where I have to write on the internet “Toews is actually great” because so many people are doubting him. I love Nashville fans chirping 4 months later. I love stat nerds predicting the Blackhawks to finish 5th in the Central Division. A team that won the West in the regular season with their captain having a down year statistically and getting major contributions from as many as 9 first year players is now suddenly a bubble team. A team with Toews, Kane, Keith, Saad, Sharp, and Crawford is now somehow a slightly below average team. Not on my watch. This team still has one of the strongest cores in the game and will see growth from young guys like Schmaltz, Hartman, Murphy, Kempny, and Hinostroza. They’ll be there in the end…again.

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