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Suck It Libtards: We Are Giving Starbucks Our Money LOL OWNED

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Ole Jack likes to really get things going in the boycott realm. Stirring the pot so to speak. What better way to boycott Starbucks and their liberal ways than sending your legion of followers to their counters and asking them to order a venti Pumpkin Spice Latte with a shot of chia, skinny, at kid temp and then when you hand them your debit card to pay the $6.45 the barista says, “What’s the name for the order?” You say…

You look her dead ass in the eye balls and you say….

You take a 15-second pause and gaze deep into her libtard, coffee-loving soul and you say…

You say…

You say, “Robert Lee.”

She wants to make sure she heard you correctly, so she asks you to repeat.

“Robert Lee.”

“Ok, Bob. Here’s your receipt.”


Fuck! You forgot to say Iced! DAMNIT!

And then you noticed it says Bob!