No One's Ever Said "Literally" More Than CNN Contributor And Former Bernie Sanders Press Secretary Symone Sanders

I’m not sure what did it but about 5 or 6 years ago “literally” became the big word. People were dropping it left and right. The world acquired this collective thought that everything we’d been saying previously was unconfirmable hodgepodge. It was poppycock. But now once we added “literally” to the shit we were saying it solidifies said shit to undeniable fact. We each began to sprinkle it in here and there but all had that one buddy who dropped “literally” every other fucking word. You know who I’m talking about. Every time he spoke you’re like “damn this story is literal as fuck, wow the characters he’s describing carry out their actions in such a literal sense.”

Well Symone Sanders really threw it back and hit the “literally” feels here. Almost brought a tear to my eye nostalgically thinking back to my drunken buddy trying to strengthen his drunken argument by saying literally 800 times. I counted 11 literallies in a 70-second clip. Talking on TV is hard but one might think Bernie’s former press secretary, and a CNN contributor, could do it without leaning on “literally” every 6 seconds.