Trump Was All Over The Place On Twitter This Morning...

President Trump Speaks On Infrastructure Meeting Held At Trump Tower

You won’t believe this but Trump woke up and used his twitter account this morning. Crazy I know. Let’s start with Donnie dabbling in the meme game.

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 10.52.53 AM

My favorite thing about these meme RTs is that they tell us Donnie scrolls through the replies to his tweets. He doesn’t RT or respond to everything, but the President is scrolling and reading. He’s seeing the shit people are saying. The President saw this, chuckled, was like, “yeah that was an awesome eclipse,” and hammered that RT button.

Hey fake news media and Dems, ever heard of changing tones?

Mix in some versatility you dweebs! (lol @ Trump describing his own tones)

Hey Clapper, we want the letter.

This was in reaction to Clapper saying this.

Next let’s talk about Mitch. Only small problem with Mitch is that he fucking sucks.

Trump’s never going to change his twitter activity. I think it works the way he wants it to work — riles up the media in the morning, then he chats with his team and determines how he actually feels and actually wants to react to things throughout the day. Not the “Presidential way” we’ve historically known, but it has quickly become the Trump Presidential way. And it ain’t going anywhere anytime soon (insert impeachment joke here).

He also said these things about VA and Debt Ceiling legislation.


PS — We’re obviously huge on grammar around here so have to mention that Donnie fired off multiple attempts before getting his tweets just right.

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