Gotta Respect This Old Retired Man For Holding A "Get A Job" Sign Right In Front Of Panhandlers


(Source)- Dueling signs dot the intersection of Saddle Creek Road and Cuming Street. The busy crossing is a popular place for panhandlers, but there’s a new face on one of the corners. Charles Logan has taken to holding a poster board with the words “Get a job. Get a job.” “If you want money, go get a job and work for it,” Logan said, as cars raced by Tuesday afternoon.”

Logan, who said he is retired from the military, explained he carries the sign in his car. When he see panhandlers around town, he often stops to stand on the corner with them. His motivation: seeing his own son panhandling. “That’s really what hurt me. Because I know that he didn’t have to do that. And a lot of people out here don’t have to do it,” Logan said.

Can you imagine being some homeless dude looking for some pocket change and having some retired guy from the military calling you out right to your face? Just unbelievable bad luck. Of all the street corners in all the towns in all the world, Charles Logan walks into yours like the true big Lebowski.

Usually when people retire, they look to enjoy the life their job took from them the last 30+ years by traveling, crossing some items off their bucket list, or simply pulling up a stool at the bar and running the clock out on life until the Grim Reaper visits. But not Chucky Logan. He went right into the lion’s den to inspire the uninspired during his life’s twilight with the most simple yet effective sign ever. One “Get A Job” would have sufficed. The second “Get A Job” really hammers the point home. But the two sets of double exclamation points almost forces the McDonald’s application in the beggars hands. And not surprisingly, those beggars did not appreciate it.

According to police reports, in the month of August, a panhandler threw a drink at Logan. Another allegedly threatened him with a knife. On Tuesday, police responded to Saddle Creek and Cuming after Logan reported a panhandler sprayed him with mace.

I have to respect you if you continue to protest panhandlers to their face after they mace you and threaten you with a knife. I won’t even look directly at a beggar in case they are feeling extra crazy that day and try to slice me up. I’ve been able to ignore people asking for money since high school, when kids would wait by the cafeteria cash register like hungry seagulls and ask for your change because they were willing to exchange every ounce of pride for a hot pretzel. Meanwhile Chuck is out sticking signs directly in beggars eyeballs in order to make the world a better place. And as someone that looks for the nearest exit anytime someone gets on the subway to give a fake story so they can get money for their (insert drug here) fix, I thank him.

This is usually the part of the blog where I plug a podcast, but since Barstool doesn’t have a podcast about beggars (yet at least), here is The Offspring’s musical rendition of Charles Logan’s movement.

The Offspring is so fucking awesome.