Pure Domination: Man Wins 6th Straight World Toe Wrestling Championship

14 total world championships in his career. His 6th in a row. You want to talk about dynasties? The conversation starts and ends with Alan “Nasty” Nash. I’m sorry but did Michael Jordan ever win 6 NBA Championships in a row? No. No he did not. So after his performance this weekend at the 2017 World Toe Wrestling Championship, I think it’s time to seriously start considering “Nasty” Nash as the most dominant athlete of all time. Michael Phelps only has 13 Olympic gold medals in individual events. People lie, numbers don’t. I’m no mathematician but I’m pretty sure 14 is more than 13.

And before any of you clowns start telling me that Toe Wrestling isn’t a real sport, just look at how real it really is.

Nasty Nash just gunning down competitors left and right. Puts on a show, hardly breaks a sweat, and can you imagine the kind of Toe Wrestling groupie tail he’s pulling in? Dude has to be swimming in it. Probably has Rex Ryan in his DMs on the daily.

Seriously though. How much ass do we think Nasty Nash is tearing through? You saw that crowd in the video. Those chicks aren’t showing up to the Toe Wrestling World Championships just to see some elite competitors put their skills on display on the world’s biggest stage. Those chicks are there to get the pipe. Or the big toe. One or the other. Either way. When you win 14 World championships, you definitely get first dibs.