A High School Kid Gets In An Argument With His Teacher And Does What All Teenagers Do - Beats The Absolute Crap Out Of Him

JS ONLINEA video that shows a South Division High School teacher beaten by a student on Tuesday has been shared widely on the internet and has gained attention from officials around the city who have made statements condemning the attack.

Milwaukee Aldermen Bob Donovan and Terry Witkowski both released statements advocating for expulsion and criminal charges for the student.

Donovan called the attack “shocking and disgusting” in a news release, and said that the situation needs to be dealt with effectively, alluding to criminal charges.

Jesus.  As if you needed any more proof that teenagers are the most terrifying force to be reckoned with on the planet.  They’re becoming emboldened too.  Not just talking back to their teachers anymore.  Not making faces behind their back.  Just straight up hauling off and knocking motherfuckers out with haymakers.  It’s not long before the world is being run by roving 16 year old gangs as the rest of us take cover and cower in fear, been saying it for a while.

As for this kid at South Division High School – can’t do this.  No matter how annoying and power-tripping your teacher is, can’t break his entire face. You know how many teachers I had back in the day that I wished I could just walk up to and punch right in the mouth?  With their smug looks and their unfair grading and their “attendance policies”?  But I didn’t, because this is a society and there are rules and I don’t enjoy jail or prison, where you should rightfully spend a good solid amount of time you little asshole.

Seriously why are we “alluding” to criminal charges?  He fucking attacked and assaulted someone in a school!