Lottery Officials Changed The Rules To Make Winning The Jackpot More Difficult

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Source - At $700 million, Wednesday night’s Powerball prize is the second-largest lottery jackpot in its history, and the math is working out in favor of lotto commissions.

Two years ago, your chances of becoming an instant millionaire were 1 in roughly 175 million. Now, the odds are 1 in roughly 292 million.

Tweaks to the game in October 2015 increased the number of total balls, from 59 to 69, from which players need to pick five. It may seem like a modest change, but the odds of winning the jackpot shot up astronomically.

 So now it’s even harder to strike it rich with Powerball, leading to fewer chances of big payouts, which in turn rolls over to gigantic prizes such as the one Wednesday night.

However, the state has seen an uptick in the number of $50,000 and $100,000 prize winners since the rule change.

Winners will typically opt for a lump sum instead of yearly payments spread across 29 years, Tabor said. That value for this week’s payout is estimated to be about $443 million, depending on state taxes.

Well fuck me sideways. I already bought my ticket now I’m going to have to buy two. One in one-hundred-seventy-five million was reasonable but two-hundred-ninety-two? Outrageous. Although they did increase the number of balls to sixty-nine, which I think everyone can agree is a good move. The rule change is actually working out for the better. Tonight’s jackpot is seven-hundred million dollars. Think about that. More money than Lebron James to do absolutely nothing. Didn’t earn it, didn’t inherit it, just spent two bucks at the local gas station. And if no one hits it’s going to be over a BILLION. My heart’s going to explode when I win.

Lottery officials think they pulled a fast one but joke’s on them. The jackpot doesn’t stop. The numbers just keep getting bigger. They’re paying out more now than they ever have. They’re also making more now than they ever have. So I guess it’s an even break. Shit. Whatever- I think the article was trying to paint the rule change as unfair but it was necessary. It’s 2017. People can’t retire on a hundred million dollars. You need at least two.