Did LeBron James Hint That He'll Be Joining The 76ers Next Year? Probably. Maybe Definitely

Say what you want about the man but LeBron James is typically at least 6 or 7 steps ahead of everybody. There’s not a single move in the NBA that isn’t orchestrated by King James in one way or another. Like Kevin Durant leaving OKC for Golden State the year after LeBron finally brought a championship to Cleveland? That has LeBron written all over it. Now I know what you’re thinking. “Why would LeBron want KD to join the Warriors to whoop his ass in the Finals the next year?”. Because LeBron doesn’t want to be in Cleveland. If he were to win back-to-back titles, he’d be locked in for longer because you can’t just leave while you’re on top like that. It’s too obvious. So what does he do? He plans to lose in 2017. Then he leaks the Kyrie trade request news to push him out the door earlier. He orchestrates the entire Kyrie trade and now he officially has his out after this season.

But just to keep the heat off of him, he writes this nice little tweet last night about how great and special Kyrie is. And what do you see at the end there? Hashtag Filayy. Could this be some sort of inside joke between LeBron and Kyrie? Well… probably not. I see LeBron as more of a Michael Scott type. Somebody who would love to be on the inside of an inside joke but has never had that opportunity yet.

What I think this is here–and I could be wrong, but I’m usually not–is an obvious hint that he intends on coming to the Sixers next year. The most obvious answer here would be “Filayy” as an alternative spelling of Philly. Super simple, even a dumbass like yourself could understand that one. But really what I believe is going on here is a direct signal to Markelle Fultz. As you may remember, Chick-Fil-A is Fultz’s favorite restaurant. Part of the reason he was so excited to get drafted by Philly instead of Boston is because there at 6 Chick-Fil-A’s here (7 if you count the Wells Fargo Center) and there are 0 in Boston. It’s no mistake that Kyrie Irving was traded to Boston for this very reason. #Filayy. Chick-Fil-A.

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