Northwestern Built A Beautiful New Practice Facility But Forgot That It's Cold In Chicago During The Winter

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 11.21.59 AM

Gorgeous, right? Beautiful lake views and amazing sunlight over the practice facility. Every day during the summer feels like a dream. One minute you’re doing some Oklahoma Drills and the next minute you have shit, showered, and shaved and on your way to the beach in your sun shirt because you attend Northwestern and are, therefore, smart enough to realize that the sun produces harmful rays. Gotta protect yourself.

Whilst on the beach you think to yourself, “Fuck my ass raw, isn’t the new practice facility gonna be actually bad when it gets cold during the Fall?”

You’re damn right it is.

The practices with the wind whipping off the lake aren’t going to be enjoyable at all. There is absolutely nothing to stop the freezing breeze from attacking you right to your bones and possibly all the way to the marrow of those bones. Deep!

I love the location but Northwestern absolutely needs a wall and they need to make Ohio State pay for it. Simple as that.

Northwestern’s bowl game practices be like

If Northwestern has an indoor facility, please do not mention it to me as it would ruin this entire snarky blog by me. Thank you.