Canadian Couple Spends Their Wedding Night In Jail After Getting Into A Bar Brawl

CTV News - It’s not the way most people picture their first night of wedded bliss.

A bride and groom ended their wedding night in the Edmonton Police Service’s cutest little jailhouse suites, after they were booked for a post-wedding brawl at a downtown bar. It’s unclear how the brawl started, but photos and videos posted on social media show the fight spilling out of the Denizen Hall bar and onto the street, where police soon intervened.

Witnesses say it was a bizarre scene, and the bride was right in the middle of it.

I’m sorry but I always just assumed that in Canada, dropping the gloves and chucking some knucks the night of your wedding was just how you consummate a marriage. I’ve long said that wedding need enforcers. Turns out this bride and groom are their own enforcers. Throwback to the days of Eddie Shore. Old time weddings.

You say your vows. You say I do. Tie a load on at the reception. Hit the bars to close out the night and all of a sudden you hear some bitch in the back corner try to tell you that Connor McDavid isn’t the best center in the NHL right now? Follows it up by saying Chiarelli overpaid for Draisaitl even though he really didn’t have an option since there are 30 other teams in the league who would gladly give him that money? Sorrey but that shit just won’t fly in Edmonton. Thems be fightin words. Doesn’t matter if the bride and groom have to leave in the morning to head to their honeymoon at the cottage. You talk shit on the Oilers, you’re taking some fists to the face. Simple as that. 5 minute major in the clink? Well worth it. A Canadian couple that line brawls together stays together.

P.S. – Would love to know what Canadian jail is like. In my head I’m picturing a giant penalty box where they serve you flapjacks in the morning before you’re released.