Rex Ryan's Cameo Stole the Show on 'Hard Knocks'

Rex Ryan. Rex fucking Ryan. Just dropping in on Hard Knocks for the first time since his star turn back in 2010 and just stealing the damn thing. Offering up the best cameo appearance since Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross. And proving that, while he might have lost some weight again, he hasn’t lost and inch off his fastball. Because this was classic Rex.

Only Shrex could turn a little broadcaster ticklefest with Jameis Winston into a chance to bitch before the cameras about how he didn’t get a fair shake. I’ll concede the point that it’s not like the Jets or Bills gave him Drew Brees to work with. But still. He’s the guy out with his buddies who can’t stop bellyaching about how bad his ex-wife screwed him over and makes the night all about him.

And besides, maybe if he could’ve developed a quarterback, he’d still be in the league instead of working out his issues with Winston. In eight seasons in New York and Buffalo, he was handed QBs drafted 5th overall (Mark Sanchez), 39th (Geno Smith) and 16th (EJ Manuel). And was able to build and offensive system around exactly none of them. But I don’t want my fascination with Rex’ failures as a coach hijack this blog. This is meant to be a celebration.

Sexy Rexy is back. As self-serving, self-denying, narcissistic, blustery and entertaining as ever. And while I hate the fact we probably won’t seem him back on Hard Knocks ever, this managed to be the appetizer that makes me hungry for the all you can eat banquet of TV Rex to come. Can’t come soon enough.