Is It Fair To Say Lebron's Legacy Will Be Burned To The Ground If The Celtics Make It to the NBA Finals?

Let’s get one thing straight.   This entire trade happened because Kyrie Irving can’t stand Lebron James.  He hated him as a player, a teammate, and as a human being.  He hated how Lebron took all the credit when the Cavs won and deflected all the blame when they lost.  He hated how Lebron disappeared in the 4th quarter of almost every playoff game and depended totally on Kyrie to bail him out.  He hates how Bron Bron makes dumb Instagram videos of himself working out.  He hates Blaze Pizza.  He hates everything that Lebron James stands for in life.  And what better way to expose Lebron as the fraud he thinks he is than to go to his arch rival and bounce him from the playoffs.  Seriously  if Kyrie leads the Celtics to the NBA finals over the Cavs it will be a ringing indictment of Lebron James entire legacy.   It will show once and for all that Lebron can’t win without a star player to bail him out. That the Cavs were actually Kyrie’s team not Lebrons.  If Lebron loses to Kyrie his career will always have an asterisk.  And for that reason Kyrie Irving is my new favorite basketball player.  He has restored my faith in humanity and more importantly put Lebron squarely back in my crosshairs where he belongs.  In other words the stakes of this rivalry have never been higher.