Jon Jones Tested Positive For Steroids, Stripped Of Title, Is Easily The Dumbest Person In The World

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TMZ - Jon Jones has tested positive for steroids in his UFC 214 victory over Daniel Cormier, and he has been stripped of his title … TMZ Sports has learned.

Our sources tell us … Jones tested positive for Turinabol — an anabolic steroid.

Jones won the July 29 fight — taking the UFC light heavyweight belt from Cormier with a savage head kick followed by a barrage of punishing punches to Cormier’s head.

The title now goes back to Cormier.

It’s the second time Jones has failed a USADA drug test. He tested positive for banned substances in 2016 before UFC 200 and was pulled from the main event. Jones got socked with a 1 year ban.

We’re told this time around, he could be banned for up to 4 years.

Lol. What a fucking idiot. Jon Jones has cemented himself into the dumbest of all time hall of fame. I wrote this after he tested positive before UFC 200 on July 7, 2016:

How stupid can one person be? Once when I think he can’t out-stupid himself, Jon Jones fucks around and does this. I fucking HATE Jon Jones right now. We already knew he was a scumbag. We already knew he was an asshole. But doping before UFC 200 is just another time he is too stupid for words. I can’t even figure out how one man can be so stupid. He’s previously been popped for cocaine, a felony hit and run, didn’t fight Cormier at 197 (because DC dropped out), and now, when it was finally about to happen, despite being given 100 chances, Jones will not be headlining UFC 200. How do you screw that up? It’s the biggest pay day of his life. He’s about to headline the biggest UFC card of all time. And he finds a way to flush that all down the toilet. It’s Josh Gordon levels of stupidity. So much talent, so little brain. 

And in a year’s time, literally NOTHING had changed. If anything, he’s gotten even dumber. Didn’t know it was possible, but here we are. Could have gone down as the greatest fighter to ever live, now will go down as the biggest idiot to ever step foot in the octagon.

That all being said, if he’s going to continue juicing without a care in the world, let’s get a roided up Lesnar vs a psychopath Jones. Just let them unleash on each other hopped up on whatever they want. Very, very in for that.