It Has Happened. The Celtics Have Traded For Kyrie Irving


My. God. It actually happened. Trader Danny giving ZERO fucks. I guess that’s what you want in your GM. One that isn’t afraid to pull the trigger on the tough trades and doesn’t get emotionally attached. Because make no mistake about it, it takes BIG balls to trade Isaiah Thomas after he basically is the reason for your rebuild and just had one of the best seasons in franchise/league history. Not to mention throwing in an UNPROTECTED BKN pick, a great contract in Jae, and a promising big in Zizic.

As I wrote in the blog a little while ago, this isn’t so much about who is better between Isaiah/Kyrie because it was going to cost additional stuff to get Kyrie in a Celtics uniform, and let’s face it, the Celtics paid a steep price. THIS is the player they finally unload the BKN for? Shocking to say the least. To put it simply


I don’t care what Kyrie’s age/contract is, this is an overpayment anyway you look at it. I get it, Isaiah was going to be up next year, but when you add in the total cost, I can’t see how Ainge felt this was worth it. This trade does NOT make you better than CLE next year, and even if Lebron leaves it does NOT get you past GS. If the plan was to build for the future, don’t you think that unprotected BKN pick is pretty important? Ainge better be able to resign Kyrie in two years, or this is a DISASTER.

Look I won’t attempt to sugar coat it. I am the ring leader for #TeamIsaiah. I under no circumstances wanted to see him traded so this hurts both on a professional and personal level for me. Isaiah gave us some of the best years we as Celtics fans have had in YEARS. Without him, there is no #1 seed, there is no ECF, there is no rebuild.

So what does this mean moving forward? Well, the Celtics still have that whole rebounding issue and just gave up a very promising yet raw 7 footer, so that’s not great. They also are now going to have to rely HEAVILY on two young wing players in Tatum and Jaylen, both who have questions of their own. Defensively, their play at PG still has issues so it’s not like that won’t be a problem, and now the main team they are going to be competing against just got a solid two way player to help defend those young raw wing players. That doesn’t seem ideal either. Again in a one for one trade I can understand, but this, this really doesn’t make sense to me.

I am going to have to take some time to rightfully honor Isaiah and Jae, so look out for that tomorrow. For the moment, we mourn. This news hurts, mostly because I don’t think the Celtics are better, and also because Isaiah and Jae were ideal Celtics.


Danny, you better be right