The Season Finale Of Game Of Thrones Is Titled "The Dragon And The Wolf" And Will Be 80 Minutes Long


Mashable- HBO has revealed the title for the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale, as well as confirming the long-simmering rumors that the installment will be the show’s longest episode yet, clocking in at 79 minutes, 43 seconds. That runtime easily beats the super-sized length of episode 6, “Beyond the Wall,” which clocked in at 70 minutes. Before that, the record was held by the Season 6 finale, “The Winds of Winter,” which was 68 minutes long.

First off, let me just admit that I almost put up a clickbaity “The Title For The Season Finale Of Game Of Thrones Was Released” to prevent anyone bitching about the title somehow being a spoiler, but I think we can all agree that the title is as vague as possible and fuck clickbait. While freaks like Feitelberg are definitely hoping for some aunt-on-nephew incest Sunday night, I don’t think that is going down at all. If being against incest in 2017 makes me a square, than I am the roundest square you will ever see. I can’t even click on some of the nicest looking thumbnails on my favorite adult websites just because I don’t want the Recommended For You section to be filled with people from the same fictional family tree bumping uglies.

Anyway, I think there is more to the title than just “Dany and Jon are finally going to bang”. The title of the episode two weeks ago was “Eastwatch” and I expected the White Walkers to run train on every member of The Night’s Watch that was at Eastwatch like they did to the wildlings in the “Hardhome” episode. Instead, I think that the title is about Jon Snow finally finding out that he is The Dragon and The Wolf AKA the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. I don’t know if Sam will figure it out as Gilly rambles on while riding shotty in his wagon, Howland Reed (the only surviving person from Jon’s birth) tells Meera (Bran’s old tobaggan chaufeur) who then tells Bran, who crawls down to the pow wow Cersei set up down south 5 minutes later because travel time isn’t a thing in Thrones anymore.

Or maybe my sweet sweet Bran plugs his brain into a Weirwood tree and starts talking to Jon through his magical Valerian steel sword. Yeah that is an absolutely RIDICULOUS theory, but after seeing this video of Longclaw appearing to gain eyes, I have to acknowledge that anything is possiblllllllle in a show with dragons and ice zombies.

And don’t give me that it was the sword getting wet or a reflection of Jon’s hand. Believe in something for me one time people! The Branwagon is on the tracks and will not stop for anyone. CHOO CHOO!!!

As for the episode being EIGHTY minutes long, I feel like that was the least Thrones could do after making us wait until July, chopping up this season and next season into a tidy 13 episodes, and changing the whole vibe of the show. Yeah I realize there were probably a lot of business reasons behind it, but it still is a bummer. I also know I will be a nervous mess from the second the opening theme starts until the credits roll and the Sunday Scaries hit like a tidal wave. But we earned those extra 20 minutes this week.

I was going to make some predictions for the episode, but I remembered I made them at the end of Sunday’s podcast with Charlie Wisco, around the 45:30 mark. Check it out if you want to hear them (I am probably a little too heavy handed with the body count, but you never know with Thrones).