Antonio Freeman Can't Rock His Super Bowl Ring Anymore Because Brett Favre's Bazooka Arm Broke Most Of His Fingers

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ESPN chat with Antonio Freeman

Donald Driver would always tell stories about how hard Favre would throw in practice and take his receiver’s hands off. Watching Favre throw in practice was a sight in itself to see because it just wasn’t possible to throw a football that hard that often. His arm was literally robotic and never seemed to tire somehow. But the fact that Freeman can’t wear his fucking Super Bowl ring cause Favre’s missile arm broke most of his fingers is fucking hilarious. I mean when he was throwing to Freeman back in his hay day he must of been uncorking these balls close to 70 mph which is just illogical from a goddamn football.

It was only a few months ago when Favre was throwing to a few random people at the age of FORTY SEVEN and still was bringing fire from his cannon.

Here’s the real question…Could Favre still play in today’s age at 47? Well, he’s still better than anyone on the Jets, Jags, or 49ers that’s for sure. He’d throw a ton of picks still (obviously Hubbs), but I’m willing to bet he’d still be able to win a few games. Would he be able to tell you what happened in the game during a post game interview? Nope, not a shot, but that wasn’t the question!

Throwback to Favre’s game winner in OT to Freeman

P.S. Marty Bennett released a song with Snoop Dogg because he’s Marty Bennett.