Trent Is Making Me Feel Like A Loser Because I'm Going To A Concert With A Date


My mother in law is in town for a little visit, so my wife and I decided to take advantage of the free child care. We are headed out for a night with our pal Ed Sheeran from Game of Thrones. Turns out, he’s a legit singer too. Pretty incredible.

We’ve been excited about the night out for a while. Gonna grab some beers, some delicious tacos, and possibly even an appetizer or two. Just get completely bonkers with it. Dont let Wednesday ruin your Tuesday is what I always say. Hell, might even put that on a shirt.

I need to admit something, though. I feel kinda like a loser for having an attractive wife to go with me. Trent has been ABSOLUTELY stunting all over the joint with his solo adventures. He’s hitting up Broadway, going to John Mayer, hell; I’ve even heard he was doing sex alone. Just an amazing display of self-confidence.

Longtime Stoolie Ed is gonna be playing the damn hits, and I’ll just be looking over at my wife thinking about how silly I am for enjoying someone else’s company while out in public. Will she try to talk to me and ruin this number?

Will she try to hold my hand and ruin my swaying with my eyes closed rhythm during this jam?

Either way, Trent is in my head because he enjoys being alone so much. Am I people dependent? Probably. Perhaps I need to Love Myself a little more. I’m big enough to admit that. Progress, folks. That’s what this is all about. Good work, everybody.