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If Don Cherry Is Happy The NHL Isn't Going To The Olympics Then I Am Too


Sportsnet – NHL players may be unhappy with the league’s decision to not participate in the 2018 Olympics, but it suits Don Cherry just fine. The colourfully dressed commentator and former coach joined Sportsnet’s Starting Lineup on Tuesday morning and discussed how impractical it would be for everyone to go to Pyeongchang.

“The games are going to be at 3 o’clock in the morning,” he said. “Who the hell’s going to watch hockey at 3 o’clock in the morning? Maybe the final game and that. I’m glad we’re not going. And I’m glad I’m not going because I don’t enjoy them at all.

“Who wants to go to North Korea or South Korea or wherever the hell it is?”

That last line is peak Grapes. The moment he found out the 2018 Winter Olympics were going to be anywhere near Korea, North or South, he was out. Even more so today with Kim Jong-un jerking off to his nuclear missile program on a daily basis. It takes crazy to know crazy. And I know that everybody knows that Kim Jong-un is crazy. But it takes somebody as crazy as Don Cherry to really understand what’s going on in that tubby little brain of his. Which is why he wants to stay as far away from that hell hole as humanly possible. Really just any Asian country at all and I can guarantee you that Don Cherry would opt out of going there. If Don Cherry count pronounce the name of the city, he’s not going. Simple as that and I think there’s a better chance of Pres being able to pronounce “Pyeongchang” correctly before Donny Boy.

This is xenophobic Don Cherry at his finest, and it’s why I love this man so much. Like I said above, if he can’t pronounce the name of your city, he hates you. If there’s more than a 2-3 hour time zone difference, he hates you. If you speak a language he can’t understand, he hates you. This has nothing to do with the possibility that players can get hurt while playing in the tournament. There’s an equal chance they get hurt during morning skate for some random game in February. It’s just the fact that the Olympics are in North Korea or South Korea or wherever the hell it is, instead of being hosted somewhere in Canada. And his honesty is refreshing.

What a beauty.