"Jerry Before Seinfeld" Sounds Like It Will Be The Most Magnificent Netflix Special Ever Created


EW- Jerry Seinfeld wants you to laugh so hard, you’ll stream. Netflix announced on Tuesday that it will debut the comedian’s new stand-up special on Sept. 19. Titled Jerry Before Seinfeld, the hour-long special will feature Seinfeld telling the jokes “that put him on the comedy map,” from the stage of The Comic Strip, the New York City club that helped to kickstart his career. Jerry Before Seinfeld also will contain previously unreleased material, such as videos from his childhood and the legal pads that contain every joke he’s written since the mid-70s.

You know what gets my dick hard? Jerry Seinfeld. You know what gets my dick even harder? A Netflix special about the GOAT’s comedy life before the funniest sitcom ever created aired in July of 1989. It sounds almost too interesting. Like getting to go through all of the National Archives after hours with no supervision-type interesting.

We’re talking about the jokes that “put him on the comedy map” here. The jokes that put JERRY SEINFELD on the map. There’s no bigger name than Jerome (always makes me chuckle when I remember that’s his real name) Seinfeld when it comes to comedy. Therefore there’s no bigger jokes. Imagine seeing Picasso’s childhood paintings? Asa Akira’s first couple of blowjobs? Mickey Mantle’s first career home runs? That’s what were about to get thanks to the wonderful minds over at Netflix.

And all of that is going to be complimented with some actual home videos from Jerry’s childhood. I don’t know what I’ll do if I see a young Jerry roaming the mean streets of Massapequa making jokes to Mr. Bevilacqua and shit. That’s Long Island gold. The only thing better would be if a young Billy Joel somehow appears in the background, like a ghost trying to stay incognito. Hicksville is only 18 minutes from Massapequa so I’m not ruling it out.

I’m gonna go start counting down the days to Jerry Before Seinfeld on September 19th. It’s gonna be gold!