The First Two Mayweather/McGregor Embedded Episodes Are Out, And They're Preparing By Playing Golf And Laser Tag

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve made it to fight week! It has been a loooong, long, long journey to get here, but now we’re five days from the biggest fight of our lifetime. It almost doesn’t feel like that, yet, though, as the festivities haven’t really begun yet and the press conferences were all bunched together years ago. If you’re new to Embedded, it’s a video documentary series the UFC does before every big fight, every day (sometimes twice a day) leading up to it, showing the combatants weight cuts, workouts, rituals, and whatever the fuck else they’re doing.

In the first episode, we see McGregor doing a bit of work in the gym, then heading to some gun range for laser tag on steroids. It actually looked like a blast and I’m gonna try to get the Barstool gang out to that place for a video at some point this week, to give you a little peek behind the curtain. Artem Lobov, the Russian Hammer, was LOCKED IN with that glock in his hands.

Floyd Mayweather was ONLY shown golfing with The Money Team, making classic misogynistic comments about getting the shitty golfers sports bras, and eating Burger King. What a role model*.

*LOLjk go fuck yourself with a broken beer bottle

Eating fast food while in camp isn’t out of the ordinary for Mayweather, he’s been known to do that his whole career. Burger King even paid him a million dollars to have The King walk out with him for the Manny Pacquiao fight.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 2.15.16 PM

I thought after watching this, “Man, seems like a clear narrative that Floyd isn’t taking McGregor seriously while Conor is putting in work in the gym” and the next episode confirmed that into bolivian.

Floyd is literally roller skating, not blading, but skating, one of the most emasculating things I could imagine, screaming that he can’t be beat. If he steps into that ring on Saturday night and does what we all expect him to, that clip will be used for years when describing the brash, cocky, undefeated boxer. If Conor does the unthinkable, there won’t be enough Crying Jordan faces in the world to cover up this video.

Joe Cortez saying Conor is “one hundred percent” better than he was on day one is very interesting to me, too. Either that means he was horrible on the first day and he’s decent now, or he’s actually evolving to boxing. Conor claims he’s going to come at Floyd with some Bruce Lee shit, though, so maybe “boxing” means something different to him.

These Embedded videos are gonna keep coming, so make sure you keep checking the UFC’s YouTube page and this here website for the blogs on whatever’s worth watching. We’re on a flight to Sin City now and it is BUZZING!