If This Video Of John Cena's Fans Surprising Him Doesn't Make You Cry, You Have No Soul

So I’m sitting at my desk right now with Za, the Zimbabwean midget next to me, Asa Akira, one of the world’s most famous pornstars across from me, and Trent, a lonely man on the other side of me. It’s a fucking motley crew. This video of John Cena meeting fans shows up and I click, because it’s not the first of it’s kind and they’re always pretty funny! He’ll jump out and surprise them, cut promos on them, all types of wacky stuff. This one, though? Holy shiiiiit John. This hit me like a fucking mack truck.

He started reading the messages and my eyes started welling up in anticipation (because I’m a bitch that cries at everything so I knew by the tone I wasn’t lasting), and then Tyler starts telling his story and I lost it. Full-on cry into my hands so the Zimbabwean midget, pornstar, and guy who goes to John Mayer concerts alone don’t think I’m weird. It really showcases the kind of guy John Cena is, and always has been to fans, and is a HUGE reminder that what he does in the ring doesn’t stop there. Anything, even something as silly as professional wrestling, can help somebody out in their time of need.