U.S. Treasury Secretary's Smokeshow Wife Wealth-Shamed For Rich Instagram, Fires Back In Comments

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Louise Linton here is the 36-year-old smoke wife of U.S. Treasure Secretary Steve Mnuchin. Mnuchin is 54 and worth upwards of $500 million.

Louise tossed this Instagram up recently.

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She received a bunch of snide comments wealth-shaming her. Here’s one of her responses.


The Insta has since been deleted. First off, just want to say I love this chick.

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Sup. Her only real mistake was not abiding by the “no free ads” mentality. Don’t tag these fuckers when you don’t need to. What’s the point? Your dude is worth half a billion dollars. You could buy every conceivable size, color, model of everything you’re wearing. I don’t know what those companies are but their names sound nice. No need to tag. No need to flaunt. Just post the pure, untagged version of you strutting your sexy gold-digging ass right out the (not)-private jet and there are no problems here.

Shouldn’t be problems anyways. Anyone wealth-shaming Louise is a moron. Why is it such a negative to be rich in our society? Isn’t that the goal? Why should you feel bad about it? Why do others hurl that fact around like a toxic insult meant to diminish your personal value? It’s crazy. Rich = good. Whether you’re hot and you marry up or you’re smart/talented (or all of the above) and the market determines your professional value in our capitalist society = rich, it doesn’t matter. Rich is good. It’s great. I’m not rich but if I were I’d perpetually look rich as hell and my social media presence would be an in-your-face blatant reflection of that. Riggs’ richness all up in your face.

Hot, sassy rich chick taunting and mocking jealous peasants in her Instagram comments then telling them to GoT and chill? LOVE it. Full hard over here.